Thursday Things

Man, oh man. It has been a craaaaaaaazy week. Like, beyond crazy. Details to come later, but I’m still reeling. That being said, I was still not about to shirk my TT duties this week. I have an adoring fan base to please! Okay, clearly I still delude myself that anyone reads read this…and cares.

(Belated) Thursday Things

Thursday Things…a day late. It’s just been that kind of week, y’all. It’s been an incredibly busy workweek and insane parenting week. I’ve just got three words for you: toliet water puddle. I know. Enough said. Let’s kick off our Thursday Friday Things: –Trader Joe’s find: this delicious mix of cherry+plums. SO YUMMY.   -Just

July Naptime Reads

I spent a lot of time reading this month, mostly to relax myself from what has proved to be a particularly trying month of parenting: breakfast-time vomits, poop-in-the-crib blowouts, an abundance of emergency baths, and plenty of tantrums. Naptime reading time was my saving grace. Here’s what was on my list this month: Lilac Girls

Thursday Things

Didn’t it feel like Friday was supposed to be like, three days ago? Hello, longest week ever. My Thursday has consisted of eating nearly an entire pizza by myself while nursing an endless loop of the earworm-y tunes of Little Baby BumĀ on repeat in my head. hbu? via GIPHY I’ve also been doing loads of

Talking Shop: Melissa Taylor

This week on Talking Shop, I’d like you to meet: Melissa Taylor! I met Melissa my freshman year at BYU, and we’ve been friends ever since. We bonded over Slenderman and Ellen scare videos, and got to work together on our senior capstone project together. She is incredibly talented, and inspires me in everything she

Thursday Things

Isn’t summer just the best? I mean, besides it being as hot as the inside of a volcano (like, people are actually baking cookies in their car), I love summer. Texas boasts beautiful summer cotton candy sunsets and reaaaallllly good ice cream. So it’s basically the best. On this Thursday Things, I am going to

Talking Shop: Amy Keim

This week’s Talking Shop features one of my BF4Ls. Amy and I were set up on a “blind friend date” in seventh grade and have been BFFs ever since. (Well, I probably annoy her, but she puts up with me.) We’ve been through so much together, and she has been such a solid presence in