Thursday Things

What’s up, friends?? It’s naptime, so I’m hustlin’ to get this post up while it’s still Thursday, and while things are still relatively quiet. I hope you all have had a fantastic week. If not, tomorrow is Friday, y’all! We’re almost there. Phew. My Thursday Things for this week: Anyone else feel like they can

Thursday Things

So. This post is a little late. It’s more like a Friday Things. But today consisted of nursing one son’s bloody chin and cleaning up my other son who decided to claw through his diaper and smear poop on himself. I wish I was joking. But consider that my excuse for the delay. LOL @


Oh say can you seeeeee It’s July, y’all! via GIPHY To fuel your Fourth celebrations (Go America!) and heat-of-the-summer vacays, you’ll need my curated monthly playlist, featuring everything you’ll want to shimmy and shake to. Go ahead, get your ice cream and press PLAY. (Got recs for an upcoming monthly playlist? Contact me!)

June Naptime Reads

So, I read (and nap and work and clean and cook) while my kids are sleeping. It’s really the only time I have, and I devour books any chance I get, so those are the moments I claim. Some prioritize showering or seeing the sun everyday — I stay in my cave of an apartment

Thursday Things

Hello to my adoring fans! I knew you’d come! Okay, or just anyone who stumbles on my site. That’s probably the more likely scenario. Either way, you’re all welcome! I’m just here, munching on another huge chunk of butter-heavy banana bread — it does not last long in our house — and contemplating the mysteries

Talking Shop: Jill Hammer

New series alert! Today, I begin a recurring interview series featuring kick-butt creatives and otherwise awe-inspiring people. This week: one of my BFFs, Jill Hammer. Not only does she have an awesome job, but she’s been my go-to for cooking, game, and Park-ands-Rec-binge nights since I met her a few years ago. I love her!

Thursday Things

Hey, y’all! Happy first (official) day of summer. I mean, it’s felt like summer in Austin since OH, MARCH (!!!) but whatever. I guess the furnace-of-Hades-level temperatures are justified now that it’s actually summer. (I promise I wasn’t a theater major. Just naturally dramatic.) Anyway, this week has been both eventful and awesome. (I mean,

My Top Ten Tips for Writers

I’ve been writing since…well, since I could write. Since I was a filling composition books (plastered with stickers and magazines collages, no less) with entries on my elementary school crushes, best friends, and love for Harry Potter. I cringe reading them now, but truly, they were the foundation of my love for storytelling and the

Thursday Things

Well, if this hasn’t been the longest week of my life. And today, one of my twins bit the other twin — HARD — and it was a toliet-cleaning day, so you could say things are going swimmingly today. Currently, T has his hand lodged in a box of PB Crunch and N is drinking