Thursday Things

Hello to my adoring fans! I knew you’d come! Okay, or just anyone who stumbles on my site. That’s probably the more likely scenario. Either way, you’re all welcome!

I’m just here, munching on another huge chunk of butter-heavy banana bread — it does not last long in our house — and contemplating the mysteries of life. Not really. More like compiling my list of awesome things from this past week. Buckle up, folks. It’s been a good week for Thursday Things. Here weeeee goooooo:

  • I love the internet. It is such a wonderfully weird place full of both educational and comedic value. And while there is a LOT to be wary of, and it is something to be unplugged from often, I believe there is a lot of good that comes from the world wide web. Like the serious private-investigator-level detective work done by the average web user. Whether it’s your BFF staking out your blind date via Facebook or a woman searching for a street musician on Twitter (anyone remember this?), it’s seriously amazing how much people can do and find out on the web with a little searching. The past few days, I’ve been following a thread by Amanda Lee, who noticed an attractive Target employee (no, not #AlexFromTarget) and chronicled her saga of meeting him. Her initial tweet has more than 260,000 likes! I live for these kinds of Twitter threads!!! Like I said, I love the internet.
  • Stepping back into the real world, I just had to share a #TwinMoment. My boys have started playing “Ghost” — T will put a blanket on his head and chase N around the house. It usually erupts in fits of giggles and IT IS THE CUTEST. Love that they’re best buddies.
  • Every boy and every girl: SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! It’s really, truly real this time: a¬†Spice Girls tour!I remember swapping CDs with my friend on the bus back in the day and I got Spice Girls and it seriously felt like I’d just won the little-girl lottery. And you know what? I feel it again! See you on tour, y’all.
  • Next in the delicious fruit saga: Pink Lemonade Blueberries!! Can you even?! I found these at Central Market (only the best grocery store) and I’m totally heart eyes.

  • This Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke will be the most important 25 minutes of your day. Bet.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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