Thursday Things

So. This post is a little late. It’s more like a Friday Things. But today consisted of nursing one son’s bloody chin and cleaning up my other son who decided to claw through his diaper and smear poop on himself. I wish I was joking. But consider that my excuse for the delay. LOL @ my life.

Now, instead of drowning my stress in Blue Bell, I’m wearing mud on my face (it’s #selfcare okay) and spending my childless hours chronicling these, my Thursday tidbits. Onward:

-Happy (one day late) Fourth of July! I hope you got to eat lots of hot dogs, spend time with your loved ones, and enjoy lots of (safe, legal) explosions. I ate my weight in breakfast burritos and fought kids for candy at a neighborhood parade. I also made A Bountiful Kitchen‘s patriotic fruit pizza. (Si is my kitchen guru. I look to her blog for all things food.) I love this sparkly, festive holiday! And most importantly, I love it because I am grateful for our freedoms, and pray that we — and others — can continue to enjoy them.

My twins, obviously LOVING the parade, and their parents. #meanmuggin

Also, on a related note, my husband took me for a shaved ice treat downtown, and let me just tell y’all: Ella’s Artisan Ice has GOT IT GOIN’ ON. I got the “Speakeasy,” which had pomegranate, frozen honey, and GOAT CHEESE. An unsual-sounding combination that tasted SO.DANG.GOOD. I’m obsessed. If you live anywhere near Austin, you should go ASAP.

An ugly car pic I snapped right before I FREAKIN’ DEMOLISHED IT. Soooo good.

-In other news, the new season of Anne with an E is out tomorrow! Not sure if you’ve seen the Netflix adaptation, or are a Megan Follows purist (I respect that), but either way, you should check it out. Even with its creative liberties, I really enjoyed the first season and will appropriately spend tomorrow binge-watching the new season (hello, adorable Gilbert Blythe). What are your current Netflix (or Hulu or whatever) favorites?


Me, prolly after bingeing all the episodes tomorrow. #noregrets

-Just finished a book today (Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly – review to come later this month) that actually wrecked me. Like, such a heavy topic that it was emotionally haunting for me. I still can’t stop thinking about it. And then finding out that it was based on real people?! Oh, boy. You guys. These parts of our history are so wrought with heartbreaking stories, tragedy, and sadness. Yet, there were so many examples of strength amidst hardship and courage in the face of death during these times. It’s hard for me to even compose words about it. Reading Lilac Girls brought back memories of my visit to the Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center earlier this year, when my husband and I were in Israel. Walking the halls of that memorial just shattered my heart, yet I was still able to see evidence of faith, courage, and strength among so many. I am about to start a new book, the Librarian of Auschwitz, about a girl imprisoned at the concentration camp who guarded and hid books from the guards. I think these stories — even fictionalized stories based on real people and events — are important for all to know.


On that note, let’s all strive to be a little bit kinder, a little more understanding, and a little more loving to those around this, shall we? We’re all brothers and sisters.

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