Thursday Things

What’s up, friends?? It’s naptime, so I’m hustlin’ to get this post up while it’s still Thursday, and while things are still relatively quiet.

I hope you all have had a fantastic week. If not, tomorrow is Friday, y’all! We’re almost there. Phew.

My Thursday Things for this week:

  1. Anyone else feel like they can finally exhale? All 12 boys were rescued from the cave in Thailand and I feel like I could cry anytime I think about it! So many people were coming together to help in such dangerous and disastrous circumstances. And for 2 1/2 weeks! What a miraculous happy ending.
  2. On a lighter note, if you need a happy, (yet still tear-jerking) story of love and family, read this Twitter thread. #uglycry
  3. Anyone else feeling this mood this summer? Cuz IT ME
  4. On Friday, Seth and I got to go out on a date! *cheering* We went to eat at Phil’s Ice House, which is basically this old gas-station-turned-burger-joint and it was SO GOOD. Then Seth walked me all around downtown Austin and I was sweating like…something that sweats alot. And of course, this (the first image) was the best picture we got. *sideeye* Seth refuses to take on his roll as Instagram Husband and it is killing my vibe. No like, there was a high school couple a few feet away from us taking TONS of pictures, and the boyfriend was literally ON THE GROUND, moving around, working ALL the angles to get that girl her pic. Not all heroes wear capes, y’all.
  5. If you keep up with my July Jamz (you gotta – there are some BOPS on there), you’ve listened to the new Alessia Cara single, and I just wanted to share this video of her performing live on Stephen Colbert. Like, her voice, her look…she is perf.

    Alright, y’all! Until next week. xoxo

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