Thursday Things

Isn’t summer just the best? I mean, besides it being as hot as the inside of a volcano (like, people are actually baking cookies in their car), I love summer. Texas boasts beautiful summer cotton candy sunsets and reaaaallllly good ice cream. So it’s basically the best.

On this Thursday Things, I am going to share my favorite finds from the Nordstrom Sale….KIDDING. Totally kidding. I am so NOT that kind of blogger. I’ve been wearing my pajamas for days straight, so I am certainly no expert on fashion. But, in the spirit of the NSale, I will share this article I wrote when I was interning for Seattle magazine. I got to chat up MELISSA MCCARTHY, nbd. She was debuting a clothing line and was open for interviews. She complimented my shoes! One of the coolest moments of my writing career. (And one of the most fun summers! I love Seattle). But I mean, speaking of sales — did y’all find any great Prime Day sales? I totally wanted a Roomba. But couldn’t justify spending $350+. Hmph. I guess I’ll just have to do the vacuuming myself, still. Like a peasant.

– In other news, for those of us (ME!!!!) thirsting for any Stranger Things-related season three news, we got this little gem this week:

Little ice-cream-scooper Steve!! I know we probably won’t get season 3 for like 10 more years, but at least we have this to satiate us. For a little while.

-And speaking of Netflix (I am KILLING this transition game today, guys!!) we keep getting little sneak-peek clips at To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and I am DYING OVER THEM. Less than a month until this movie! (And a week before, we get Guernsey! #blessed). I am already planning a release party, complete with Lara Jean-inspired manicures (how great is this site??) and baking. I know what you’re all thinking:


(A Stranger Things connection — another great transition. I am on fire today, guys. Enjoy it. This never happens.)

Yeah, I know. I know. You should be used to it by now.

-Working on an epic post on journaling (need we return to the nerd thing?) and want some feedback:

What holds you back from journaling?

What questions do you have about journaling?

What help/suggestions/curated products would you like to see on a post about journaling?

I really want this post to be useful to you, so comment below or hit up the Contact Me section and let me know! Plz and thank you.

-And if you need a pre-weekend push to the finish line, here’s something to make you LOL. See if you won’t start “Morissette-ing your friends and family now.

Love y’all! xoxo

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