Thursday Things

Didn’t it feel like Friday was supposed to be like, three days ago? Hello, longest week ever.

My Thursday has consisted of eating nearly an entire pizza by myself while nursing an endless loop of the earworm-y tunes of Little Baby Bum on repeat in my head. hbu?


I’ve also been doing loads of laundry, trying to get work done, and undoing the damage of two mischievous twins. I’ve decidedly dubbed their little antics #twinanigans.

Exhibit A: Can you spot a little Nathaniel in this pile of laundry?

So, on to this week’s roundup:

  • Found these ABSOLUTE GEMS at Costco. Seriously, they are SO good. They’re my new favorite treat. BRB going to eat the whole bag. #jokingnotjoking Truly, we don’t deserve Costco. Such goodness. (Also they sell hamburgers now???)
  • This reminder from GirlBoss was particularly helpful for me this week:

Photo Via GirlBoss’ Instagram

We can ditch the guilt from not being constantly busyness or crossing off every t0-do on our lists. It’s okay to recharge some days. 🙂

Well, that’s all for this week, folks! Have a wonderful weekend!


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