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August 2018

August Naptime Reads

Y’all. It’s been a wild month. We are in the midst of a big move to our new house, and things are just a little (okay, a LOT) crazy. So, this month’s roundup of Naptime Reads is short and sweet, as my time for sneaking a few moments with my e-reader had to be fit in between packing boxes, de-junking, and wrangling high-energy (and now one-nap-only) toddlers. But ain’t that

Thursday Things

Hey, it’s still Thursday as I post this! I’m actually on time! (Well, Thursday night…but still) #newrecord TBH: I’ll keep the TT brief and visual this week. -I’m not crying over this Serena Williams video, YOU ARE!!! -This woman performing a Missy Elliott song (with hype girl) is 100 percent my favorite thing on the internet right now.   I just found out I have a FUNKY WHITE SISTER😳😩😂🤣 forreal

Talking Shop: Jenna Zielbauer

Okay, get ready. You’re about to meet the coolest mom boss ever. Jenna Zielbauer is the mom of two and founder of ROCKEASE, a company that offers an innovative solution for on-the-go parenting: a portable, budget-friendly, and space-conscious device that can turn any four-legged chair into a rocking chair. Need to nurse, soothe, or bond with your kids in an airport, restaurant, or hotel? Jenna’s got you covered. (Seriously, how

Thursday Things

LOLOLOLOL yep, today’s definitely Friday. And I thought it was Thurdsay. Wow wow wow. Can you say #MomBrain to the max??? Haha, anyway. Here is a day-late-and-dollar-short Thursday Things. –To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Did it just come out a week ago? I’ve already watched it about a million times and I just can’t get over it. Sooooo good!!!! While it was different from the book in a

Thursday Things

I’m in denial. BIG time. My boys had their eighteen month well check yesterday, and it’s time, their pediatrician said, to accept that they’ll only be taking one nap a day. My real response: via GIPHY By 10 a.m., my boys are ready for a nap, and so am I. But alas, it is time. Time to accept my one-nap fate. I know, I know. I’m being dramatic. But with

Happy #BookLoversDay! 19 Perfect Gifts for Book Lovers

Happy #BookLoversDay! I intend to fully celebrate this glorious holiday. Book lovers are the best kind of people! We must celebrate one another. And with that, I present: a gifting guide for book lovers. I lovelovelove giving gifts. Like, it is seriously one of my favorite hobbies. I relish the chance to play Nancy Drew in discovering that perfect present for my friends and loved ones. I’ve decided to start

Thursday Things

Man, oh man. It has been a craaaaaaaazy week. Like, beyond crazy. Details to come later, but I’m still reeling. That being said, I was still not about to shirk my TT duties this week. I have an adoring fan base to please! Okay, clearly I still delude myself that anyone reads read this…and cares. Heh. Anyway, if only to the empty hallways of the interweb, I shout: greetings! -I

Celebrate! It’s #NationalTwinDay!

It’s a special day. Today, we celebrate the wonderfulness that is TWIN LIFE! Having twins (esp. as my first children) has been the hardest, and yet, most incredible experience. I never would have seen myself as a mom of twins, but I also know that I would never change it for anything. Twins are seriously THE best. Having twins was a complete and total shock. In fact, I was stockpiling

(Belated) Thursday Things

Thursday Things…a day late. It’s just been that kind of week, y’all. It’s been an incredibly busy workweek and insane parenting week. I’ve just got three words for you: toliet water puddle. I know. Enough said. Let’s kick off our Thursday Friday Things: –Trader Joe’s find: this delicious mix of cherry+plums. SO YUMMY.   -Just started reading Little Women (I know, where have I been, right?) and already love it.

August JAMZ

You know what time it is??? via GIPHY Time for a new monthly playlist! I’m saying goodbye to summer with this curated list of pure bops and discovered gems. You. Are. Welcome. Now, blast it and GET YO’ GROOVE ON.