Happy #BookLoversDay! 19 Perfect Gifts for Book Lovers

Happy #BookLoversDay! I intend to fully celebrate this glorious holiday. Book lovers are the best kind of people! We must celebrate one another. And with that, I present: a gifting guide for book lovers.

I lovelovelove giving gifts. Like, it is seriously one of my favorite hobbies. I relish the chance to play Nancy Drew in discovering that perfect present for my friends and loved ones. I’ve decided to start compiling some fun gifting lists, tailored around a certain subject or personality. Know someone who loves sloths, lipstick, or peanut butter? I’m on the hunt for your perfect gift.

In the meantime, this month’s list is my curated collection of one-of-a-kind gifts for the book lover in your life. (Or, maybe it’s a blueprint for my husband as he shops for birthday presents for me? Hmmmm. We’ll never know.) Likely, you know a few tome-toting friends who would love one of these unique items, so shop away! They’re guaranteed to love these.

  • Four Bears Books: Make your giftee the star of their own children’s book. This company will create a personalized book based on a story of a loved one’s life. Simply provide facts mad-lib style and voila! You’re automatically a super thoughtful gift giver. Perfect for children! Price Varies
  • Library Card and Stamp Enamel Pin Set: I love pins and these homage-to-librarians are the perfect nerdy-but-cool ones to give flair to a jacket or backpack. I’m in love. $18
  • Old Book Smell candle: There is nothing better than the smell of old books. Nothing. Paper, ink, and a familiar homey scent. Can’t be beat. Give the gift of that treasure old book smell in a candle. $18
  • Ideal Bookshelf Painting/Print: I am obsessed with Ideal Bookshelf. I have had one of their prints on my birthday/Christmas wish lists forever. (Clearly, my family is not getting the hint, so I’m going to have to just buy it for myself.) The idea is, you pick a print of a painted shelf of books (#shelfie), organized by categories, like cooking, writing, or romance — there are tons. Or, you can commission a painting of your favorite books. I think this is the coolest, most unique gift, and I’m dying for one for my writing office. The shop also has an incredible selection of enamel book pins (featuring your favorite novels) and equally cute aprons and totes. Prices Vary
  • Literary Listography: The perfect gift for someone who loves to read and make lists. This book allows you to chronicle your reading life in lists — like “Favorite Literary Heroes” and “Books I Hope They Make Into Films.” $14
  • Bookshelf Tees: No surprise here, another item I’m obsessed with. These tees let you wear your love of literature on your sleeve — literally. They’ve got the best printings, like the Anne of Green Gables and Little Women squad tees and more. A personal favorite? “What would Kathleen Kelly do?” Heart eyes. Prices vary
  • Book Subscription Box: Surprise literature lovers with a once-a-month mail gift of surprise reads. There are tons of boxes to choose from — I’d recommend bookroo (for kids), Book of the Month,  or My Book Box. Price Varies.
  • Personal Library Kit: Book lovers love to loan their favorite books to friends. But they also need to keep track of them. Allow your giftee to play librarian with their own stamp and card kit. $18
  • Over Tub Book Caddy: Allow your friends and family to take books with them wherever they go — even to the tub. There is nothing more relaxing than a warm soak and a good read. $30
  • Spearmint Love Book Dress, Sweatshirt: A great git for parents. Encourage them to get their youngin’s into reading early with these ah-dorable book-covered clothes: a hip dress (or sweatshirt). Can I get these in adult sizes? $92; $74
  • NYPL Library Card Pouch: Perfect for your gear, this library card pouch was inspired by actual, circulating cards from the 1940s. The coolest type of retro. $15
  • Audible gift card: An insanely practical (and fun) gift for those individuals in your life who literally don’t have a second to sit down and read. Give them the gift of choosing their own audiobooks and taking kick-butt literature on the go. Prices Vary
  • Card Catalog Notecard Set: Send old-school card catalog-printed stationary and keep snail mail alive. (Or maybe you’ll just want to keep them for yourself…or is that just me…?) $20
  • Black Leather Book Necklace: Think of like the book lovers’ locket. These necklaces feature a tiny hand-stitched (usable!) miniature book that readers can wear around to keep literature with them always. $40
  • Library Stamp T-Shirt: Another wear-it-on-your-sleeve shoutout to a book lovers’ favorite haunt: libraries. $25
  • Jane Austen Quote Pencils: Give writing utensils some bookish flair with foil-stamped pencils featuring your favorite classic literature quotes. They also have Shakespeare. $15
  • Bibliophile Vase: Can you even with how cute this is? Shaped like a book, this vase can hold your beautiful bouquets and give charming bookish touches to any room. Three book options, $20-30.
  • Authors Magnet Set: These witty lit magnets can be displayed on your fridge or file cabinet. $11.

What kinds of gifts should I be on the lookout for next? Let me know.

(And on a fun note, here’s a cool blog post on London’s “book benches.”)

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