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Man, oh man. It has been a craaaaaaaazy week. Like, beyond crazy. Details to come later, but I’m still reeling. That being said, I was still not about to shirk my TT duties this week. I have an adoring fan base to please! Okay, clearly I still delude myself that anyone reads read this…and cares. Heh. Anyway, if only to the empty hallways of the interweb, I shout: greetings!

-I decided to re-read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (seriously one of my all-time favorite books) before the movie comes out THIS FRIDAY! #freakout Boy, do I love that book. You’d think a reader could mentally tire of a book entirely composed of letters, but nope. It’s just magical. It’s everything I love: a celebration of the love of reading, and a beautiful romance (heart eyes Dawsey heart eyes). But seriously, that really is the recipe for my favorite kind of movie. I mean, You’ve Got Mail is 100 percent my favorite movie of all time, and that’s basically its plot. Sigh. I love it. Anyone else going to watching — and fawning — over Guernsey this weekend? Let’s be friends and discuss it ad nauseam after? Perfect.

Can you spot the nice art decoration my twins added to the cover?  -_-  Also, I am always so self-conscious of my thumbs in these kinds of shots. I have weird thumbs, okay?!

-A month or so ago, I did an awesome interview with the fabulous moms from the Austin-based podcast Moms on the Loose. I had come across them on Kickstarter and knew I wanted to write about them. So I asked to meet up, and then wrote and pitched a story to Austin Woman magazine. Just this last week, they published the story on their website! Go here to read it. So excited to see it out in the world — I loveloveloved talking with Brittany and Betsey, and their podcast is hilarious. I actually want to be their BFFs. Read the article and let me know what you think!

Having a byline never gets old! Never.

– Have you listened to my curated August Jamz playlist yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Click here and start jamming! You only have so much summer left and you definitely need to dance it out.


– This week, I am totally OBSESSED with this art exhibit from Lucy Sparrow called “Sparrow Mart,” where literally all the convenience store items are MADE FROM FELT.

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Can you even?? I am just…obsessed. Seriously. It is so perfect. Anyone in LA want to go to this for me and promptly buy everything??? I am not above begging. I need Cheetos made of felt. Need.

– One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is The Listening Ear Project. (Pssst: I interviewed her for Talking Shop. Read it here!) Katie interviews and films the elderly, capturing their stories and gleaning their wisdom. It so often brings me to tears. I love hearing the life stories of these individuals — we truly have so much to learn from and appreciate about our seniors. She recently posted about Lynn, who I love and now want to be best friends with. Here is a clip of her interview (singing Barbara, no less! #soulsister):

– And lastly, this weeks’ mini wish-list:

Hope I haven’t bored y’all to tears! As middle school me would say: ttyl!

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