Thursday Things

I’m in denial. BIG time. My boys had their eighteen month well check yesterday, and it’s time, their pediatrician said, to accept that they’ll only be taking one nap a day.

My real response:


By 10 a.m., my boys are ready for a nap, and so am I. But alas, it is time. Time to accept my one-nap fate. I know, I know. I’m being dramatic. But with twins, double naptime is my GODSEND. More awake hours is more time to get into how-did-you-even-do-that??? mischief. Pray for me plz.

In other, brighter news, my morning started out with Round Rock Donuts, so this day is bound to be GOOD.

Thursday Things here we go:

– In a month or so, we are moving from our apartment to a house! We bought 10 acres east of Austin, and are so excited to have our own space (or ranch, as my husband calls it). I cannot wait to enjoy this view from my office. (Yes, I get a writing office! #dreamcometrue).

RIP Aretha Franklin. This one really hurts. Such a legend — the voice who taught us that we all deserve a little respect. Remembering the Queen of Soul and timeless icon today and always.

-Been needing some spiritual and emotional nourishment this week, and found it in this quote shared by someone on social media:

“Forgiveness of sin is not the only gift of mercy from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Every blessing we receive is an act of mercy, more than we could ever merit on our own. Although all . . . blessings come as results of our obedience, we could never receive them through our efforts alone. They are merciful gifts from a loving and compassionate Father.”

I am trying to be more grateful for our Heavenly Father’s kindness, mercy, and love. His blessings are truly rich in our lives if we have eyes to see them.

A few years ago in school, I begged my favorite artist, J. Kirk Richards to come let me take pictures of him working for a photojournalism assignment. He paints the most beautiful images of Christ (see more here). Thought I’d share some of the photos if you needed some spiritual nourishment as well.

Well, that’s it for this week. Hope your weekend is as chill as T in this ball pit.

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