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September 2018

September Naptime Reads

My naptime reading was light this month, but I did get in two really great reads, recommended by both my mom and BFF. Those are, essentially, the most important of recommenders, so I immediately downloaded both books on my tablet and got my Regency romance on. Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson: It only took me about, oh, five whole seconds before I was sucked into this story and its swoon-worthy romance.

Thursday Things (and MAJOR Life Updates)

September 21, y’all. YOU KNOW IT. It’s been kind of a quiet week around here. …NOT. It has been crazy exciting madness and I can’t wait to tell you allll about it. So here we go. First of all, we MOVED! We are officially residents of Elgin, Texas, living on a beautiful 10-acre spot in the middle of (almost) nowhere. It’s the ranch, as my husband calls. I just laugh

Guest Post: Thursday Things with Amy Keim

When Kasee asked me to do this week’s Thursday Things, my first thought was, “Uhm, no, because then I can’t read YOUR Thursday Things.” Seriously — reading Kasee’s Thursday updates is my guilty pleasure… Right up there with stuffing handfuls of Goldfish crackers, because I’m five, into my mouth all at once. Perhaps you, too, can one day reach such a level of talent. #dreambig To borrow KB’s verbiage, here’s

(Belated) Thursday Things

Well, I guess at this point, you should just expect my TT late every week. #HotMess It doesn’t help that we’re in the middle of a big move, plus I got blindsighted by a bad cold this week. Which, as a mom, means virtually nothing except sporting a slightly further state of dischelvelment and letting your kids enjoy more screen time so you can cuddle up on the couch with

September JAMZ

You already know what time it is…. via GIPHY SEPTEMBER! Hello, fall! Or, if you’re in Texas like me, you don’t ever really pack up your summer clothes until December. Here, fall simply means sweating a little less. But still, fall! Here’s to school supplies, apple cider everything, Halloween costume planning, and bouquets of sharpened pencils (any other You’ve Got Mail fans out there?) Check out my specially-curated September playlist