Guest Post: Thursday Things with Amy Keim

When Kasee asked me to do this week’s Thursday Things, my first thought was, “Uhm, no, because then I can’t read YOUR Thursday Things.” Seriously — reading Kasee’s Thursday updates is my guilty pleasure… Right up there with stuffing handfuls of Goldfish crackers, because I’m five, into my mouth all at once. Perhaps you, too, can one day reach such a level of talent. #dreambig

To borrow KB’s verbiage, here’s today’s roundup! 

-Lizzie McGuire — I mean, Hilary Duff! — is (probably) engaged. And it’s not to Ethan Craft. (*whispers to self* Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry!) Although I guess by the end of the series, you’re supposed to be a Lizzie-Gordo shipper, but whatever. I digress. H. Duff is pregnant with baby daddy Matthew Koma’s “little princess,” and it looks like the couple may be tying the knot! Fingers crossed! In the words of the actress-turned-songstress herself, “I can’t wait!” Heh.


-For all of you makeup fanatics out there, Urban Decay is having a massive sale that ends tomorrow, September 14, at 11:59 pm PST. NAKED palette, here I come. 

-There are few things in life that I love more than Trader Joe’s. Like, I could probably list them all on one hand. And now that fall is on the horizon, TJ’s is dropping their autumn products, AKA PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING. Between Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread pudding (be still, my heart!) and their pumpkin sweet cream cheese muffins, my pant size is about to go WAY, way up. But I don’t even care, y’all. TJ’S IS LIFE and that candy corn popcorn mashup is CALLING MY NAME. #blessed

Speaking of fall-time, here’s my fall-inspired wish list: 

Bath bomb molds, because there’s nothing better than a hot bath on a crisp autumn day. Or, you know, any day.

-This vanilla pumpkin marshmallow candle. If I had a million dollars, I’m pretty sure all of it would be spent on Bath & Body Works’ 3-wick candles. 

KB and I got this spiced apple cider back in Fall 2012, and ever since, I scour Target for it every October. It’s what Heaven tastes like, probably.

-These fuzzy socks because as the weather gets colder, my feet turn into literal icicles. 

That’s it from me, folks. Happy fall, y’all, and thanks for letting me bring you this week’s Thursday Things!


Amy K. (As in “Kasee’s #1 Fan!” But also, Keim.)


Amy is currently a writer for Mormon Hub and her work can be viewed here.

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