Thursday Things (and MAJOR Life Updates)

September 21, y’all. YOU KNOW IT.

It’s been kind of a quiet week around here. …NOT. It has been crazy exciting madness and I can’t wait to tell you allll about it. So here we go.

First of all, we MOVED! We are officially residents of Elgin, Texas, living on a beautiful 10-acre spot in the middle of (almost) nowhere. It’s the ranch, as my husband calls. I just laugh politely at this, because I dislike the animals and the outdoors, so…why’d we move again? Just kidding. Kinda. We love our new house and will probably be all unpacked and settled in about a year. *half crying/half laughing face*

Or, you could say, a face that’s a combo of N and T’s mugs:

But I mean, look at this sunset view from our back door:

Truly, there are few things greater than cotton candy Texas skies. (And of course, that fact that we are no longer apartment dwelling beneath foot stompers.) These things make the fact that I’ve already trashed three pairs of shoes from mud (kinda) worth it.

Moving day was fairly stress-free for me, since we had a great moving team:

And I got kicked out of the house before the help arrived to load the truck, so I took my boys on a breakfast date to Chick-Fil-A. It was the best.

I also took a really fun tiered cake class with my friend Ashley at Make It Sweet in Austin. So fun. Please don’t laugh at my ugly fondant roses…they were harder than they looked, okay! Also, can you say #TexasFrizz? UGH, send all your humidity hair products my way, plz.

Then, perhaps the most exciting news, the news I’ve been bursting from the seams to share:

WE’RE HAVING A BABY! …AND ANOTHER BABY! Yep, the SECOND set of Bailey twins is soon to arrive in early 2019. Can you believe it??

And this week, we found out that we’ll be welcoming another little BOY and a GIRL (!!!) to our clan. Everyone seems to want to apologize to me for this development, but I just hush them because WE ARE SO EXCITED! Twins, truly, are the best thing ever. We cannot wait to grow our family by two more. And on days like today, when I find a scrunched up poopy diaper in the leg of N’s pajamas and a little bare butt, I just remind myself of moments like this:

We are so unbelievably grateful and excited to be seeing double. Again.

N & T, on the other hand, definitely do not know what to think about having a little brother and sister join the family:

Now, all you mothers/aunts/sisters/friends of little girls: please send all your favorite baby girl things my way!

Now that all of that LET’S THROW CONFETTI news is out there, here are some other little moments of this past week:

Well, that’s all for this week, folks. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Beijos.

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