November Jamz

Now, while a big part of me is FULLY ready to embrace the Christmas-music season, I am November’s biggest fan (I will be 26th on the 17th — eeek. #officiallylate20s, plus Thanksgiving, only my favorite of all holidays). So I will be waiting to share my mega-ultra X-mas playlist until the first of December. And believe me, it’s BIG. Like, years worth of festive song compiling. You’re welcome.

But for now, I’ve got a few more non-holiday-related bops for you to enjoy this month. Good ones. First of all, CARLY RAE IS BACK.

One of my September tweets proved prophetic. Our girl obviously heard our pleadings and blessed us with a new earworm. And this new single, “Party of One” does not fail to deliver the BOP. Will probably (definitely) be listening to it until the end of time.

There’s also one of my favorite new The 1975 songs, a previously-unreleased Kelsea Ballerini hit, and a few recommended jams sent to me by a BFF. So yeah, the playlist is A+ this month.


Happy jammin’.



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