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May 2019

Thursday Things

My house is a disaster right now. Don’t believe me? Yep. Usually, I tidy up the house twice a day, once a naptime and again at the end of the day. I just like to have some level of serenity while everyone’s alseep. Today? NOT. HAPPENING. I started my morning with one of my boys projectile vomiting on the rug, then followed that with an emergency bath and two loads

Outside the Lines

I’m learning an important lesson from my two-year-old twins. It started with a few boxes of half-broken Dollar Store crayons, the chunky kind with images of Mickey Mouse and Cars characters plastered on the wrappers. The ones that usually don’t make it past a week of use or get hopelessly and eternally lost in couch cushions and toy boxes. My boys always ask to “cowor” (color). They have an ever-growing