Thursday Things

My house is a disaster right now.

Don’t believe me?

Yep. Usually, I tidy up the house twice a day, once a naptime and again at the end of the day. I just like to have some level of serenity while everyone’s alseep. Today? NOT. HAPPENING. I started my morning with one of my boys projectile vomiting on the rug, then followed that with an emergency bath and two loads of laundry. So, right now, during naptime, I’m just eating dino nuggets and binge-watching Survivor. Because I’m an adult and I can. You know, I might even get a little caaaa-razy and add some mozzarella sticks into the mix. You never know. 😉

How are you guys this week? Let’s chat a few Thursday Things.

  • ATTN: THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I repeat, NOT A DRILL. The Mary-Kate and Ashley classic (yes, it IS a classic I will fight to the death on this) Billboard Dad is on Hulu. Sorry I am busy this weekend, I have plans with the Olsen twins.
  • Anyone else have this song on repeat this week? SO CATCHY.
  • Went on a trip to Utah this past week for the 2019 Storymakers Conference and it was AMAZING. I learned so many inspirational and instructive things that I want to use in making my novel the best it can be. A few roundup photos:

Well, things are being thrown against the wall in the toddlers’ room. That’s my cue! Until next Thursday!

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