Guest Post and Playlist: Songs for Sunsets with Matthew Frederickson

The best songs heighten moods. They validate your emotions and make them feel beautiful. They make mundane moments magical. There’s a thrill that comes with finding the right words to capture how a song interacts with your emotions or environment. I seek that thrill as often as I can. My name is Matthew. I write about music.

Sunsets are a universally adored experience. We’ve all basked in their beauty. We love talking about them. We love posting pictures of them onto our Instagram stories.  And why not? Few things are as stunning as a sunset. Like most things, however, sunsets can be improved by having them properly soundtracked. 

That’s why I created “sunset songs,” a short playlist of songs that, well, sound great when you’re watching a sunset. Some of the songs (“Golden Hour” and “Pink + White”) reference the stunning hues painted by a setting sun. Others (“Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun” and “Iceblink Luck”) use musical grandeur to highlight the sheer beauty of a sunset. All of the songs, however, share a common theme: they capitalize on the rich emotions that come with seeing one of nature’s grandest displays.

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