Introducing My Latest Passion Project: Longhand Pencils

In early summer, there was a night I could not get to sleep.

I tossed and turned for hours. But it wasn’t insomnia. It was excitement.

My energy was fueled by the idea of a new passion project, one that would marry my love of writing and creating with my obsession with pop culture. Mostly, it was FUN.

After lots of research and shopping around, I purchased a printing machine, rolls of foil, and hundreds of pencils. Then I got to work. Longhand Pencils — in its early stages — was born. But it wasn’t before scaling a massive learning curve with equipment and trial-and-error-ing hosts of pencils. (Seriously, I have boxes chock-full of “mess-ups” to prove it.)

three pencils with "write your own story" printed on them in gold foil

But after months of work, I present the Longhand Pencils shop, where I’m going to be sharing the results of my passion project: foil-stamped pencils that will (I hope!) inspire us all to write more. Let’s honor the by-hand movement with the OG writing tool that brings whimsy to our blank pages with fun, handmade, pop-culture-themed pencils.

Truly, I am having so much fun with this project and have been so excited to share it with you! Ideas for new pencils still keep me up energized with excitement at night and I LOVE EVERY SECOND! Thanks for following this wood-and-lead journey with me.

Follow Longhand Pencils on Instagram @longhandpencils, and shop new pencil sets under the Shop tab. New pencils added weekly! Got an idea for a great pop culture pencil collection or a custom request? Let’s chat!


  1. These pencils are the cutest things ever! I brought some Brooklyn nine nine pencils for my friend for her birthday and she loves them so much. Thankyou their so amazing!

  2. oh my word! How can pencils make a girl so happy? My sister and I spent an hour reminiscing about our shared love of The Princess Bride. Just lovely. Thank you Kasey xx

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