Nine Non-Lame Things to Do During Your Self-Isolation

Now, just hold on. 

Stop right there. 

Drop the scissors and put down your phone. Before you do something silly, like give yourself bangs or create a TikTok account, stop and take a breath.

Wanna do something fun during quarantine? I’ve put together a list of totally non-lame, actually cool things you can do during your isolation. (Things that you won’t regret, or need to call a hairdresser about later.)

Take a Run Through Paris. I know, I know. You can’t be around crowds. And definitely no international travel. But the Treadmill TV YouTube channel offers virtual running videos, allowing. you to exercise from the comfort of your treadmill, while still enjoying picturesque views of the locations you’ve always wanted to visit. Health + culture = WIN.

Sing Along on Broadway. Enjoy the musical theater of The Big Apple….while wearing your sweats and with your favorite movie-watching snacks. A perfect activity? I think so. Broadway HD offers streams of TONS of famous Broadway shows for $9 a month — with a 7-day free trial. The Metropolitan Opera is also providing nightly streams of performances.

Keep a Record. I know, you probably haven’t journaled properly since elementary school. But now is a perfect time to get out a notebook and record your thoughts. Not only is writing (by hand) good for your mental and emotional health, but it’ll help you de-stress and remember the events of this unprecedented time. Even if you don’t want to remember it now, it’s going to be a huge part of history — you’ll want the remembrance.

(Virtually) Visit a Museum. Take a 360-degree tour of the Guggenheim, the Louvre, or the Museum of Natural History. You can even use Google to tour The Hidden Worlds of National Parks (this is seriously sooooo cool), concert and opera houses all over the world, the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Cliffs of Moher, and even space!

Do Good. There is no better way to spend your time during isolation than working to relieve the suffering of others. You can sew masks for hospice or food pantry workers, write cards for children in the hospital, or adopt a nursing home. You can also call and leave a voicemail of thanks for healthcare heroes. Find a ton of different projects in your area here.

Do the Winkle. My kids are still young, but I KNOW that home-schooling is a challenge for so many right now, as parents take on a teacher role they weren’t not anticipating. The Winkle Crate can help. A STEM-based activity subscription box for kids, The Winkle Crate is an easy way to have fun with at-home learning. DIY projects include video instructions and help kids gain confidence building on their own.

Build Yo’ Skills. I know, some days of self-isolation are just NOT going to be productive. And that’s okay. It’s important to rest and care for yourself. But when you’re ready to stay busy, skip another Netflix binge and instead, build your skillset with a new class or hobby. Some ideas? Nikon had made their photography courses free through the month of April. Learn something new from the experts with a Masterclass (I already know I’m taking the Malcolm Gladwell course! Plus, Masterclass is offering free, live Q&A session streams on Wednesdays with some top industry names — like Dominique Ansel this Saturday, Aprill 11th). Check it out here.

Take a Trip to the Zoo. Both the San Diego Zoo and the Monterey Bay Aquarium have live cams of their animals available. BRB, just going to be watching sea otters swim for the next six hours.

Send a Postcard toGrandma. This activity is my favorite — just sayin’. Not only is April National Letter Writing Month, (and as you know, I am a very big advocate of snail mail), but this tip is personal: my computer-programmer husband just launched (TODAY!) his app, ToGrandma, a super easy way to send physical postcards in the mail using a simple hashtag on Instgram, #tograndma. We all know your grandparents keep asking for pics of your kids or pets, but definitely do not ~get~ social media. So keep it digital for you and analog for them by sharing your pics as usual on social media, (including the hashtag #tograndma), and your loved ones will get a beautfiul, tangible photo postcard in the mail! The app is super easy to use and each card is only $1.75 to send. When could this kind of connection be more important? Now is THE perfect time to snail mail, so start sending! Download the app here.

Got any other great quarantine must-dos? LMK! In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and STAY INSIDE.

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