10 Ways to Stay Motivated During Quarantine

Anyone else having a hard time feeling motivated to exercise? SAME. I can barely get out of bed, much less get my butt on the treadmill. As if exercising during shelter-in-place wasn’t difficult enough, we’ve resorted to guilting ourselves over quarantine snacks and back-burnering our mental and emotional health. Not ideal.

To help us stay motivated and care for our well-being, I reached out to a personal hero of mine,(and old friend) Ashley Dunn. As a health and fitness guru, Ashley was kind enough to share her expertise, giving us ten way to take care of our bodies, minds, and spirits during these challenging times. Thanks, Ashley!

1. Love Yourself

I know this is easier said than done during these stressful times, but it is so important! A simple “thank you” to yourself can benefit you in so many ways!

2. Make Lists and Plan Your Day Out

Lay the groundwork for your day and focus on what you can control… which leads to #3!

3. Control Your Effort and Your Attitude

If you can only control two things in today’s situation, focus on your effort and your attitude towards your daily activities! Go for a walk. Do that 15-minute yoga video. You can do it!

4. Stay Positive

Positive vibes can truly make or break your day. Focus on what you can do with your body, not the extra pound or two you’ve gained because of quarantining. 

5. Practice Deep Breathing

Throughout your workout, and even through stressful situations, deep breathing allows you to restart and become more grounded.

6. Set Goals for Yourself Each Week

Whether it’s to drink more water this week or to workout every day, each goal is promising and a great way hold yourself accountable.

7. Show Acts of Kindness to Others and Yourself

And your body through exercise and movement.

8. Eat Healthy and Sleep Enough

This is so important to maintain accountability for your health and have a successful workout!

9. Be Grateful

Practice gratitude to what your body has given you through your health and well-being during this time!

10. It’s Okay Not to Do it All

Reflect on the good things throughout your day and recognize that it is ok not to perfect. There’s always tomorrow for that! Your body is strong but your brain is even stronger!

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