In Good Company: Aspiring Together at the 2020 Aspire Her Conference

Life as a female entrepreneur can be rough.

Hurdles in the business world seem to be increasingly steep and seemingly insurmountable for women in the workplace. Pay gaps, limited leadership opportunities, discrimination, lack of access to mentors or capital, and a lack of support for childcare or nursing mothers — the list of challenges goes on and on.

But women-owned businesses are on the rise, and generating trillions of dollars each year. Women’s voices, strengths, and skills are needed more now than ever to bring abundance and insight to the economy, to our communities, and to our homes.

But as women, due to outside (and internal) forces, we’re often limited. Whether it’s a corporate glass ceiling or one of our own making, we don’t reach our full potential.

Aspire Her seeks to change that.

As the premier interactive business and career conference for working women, Aspire Her brings together an inspiring cast of female leaders and entrepreneurs, providing passionate women a supportive female community, a line-up jammed-pack with invaluable insights from expert mentors and speakers, connective resources and deals, and most importantly, a deeper understanding of their individual value in the workforce and how to make the most of it.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in my own personal journey of entrepreneurship is the importance of surrounding yourself with a strong network of female mentors and cheerleaders. As women, we need each other. We’re stronger — together. Not only did Aspire Her expand my network, but it offered me invaluable learning opportunity from experts, and the resources I need to succeed in business.

From brand strategist Alison Faulkner I learned that I AM AWESOME. I was reminded to SHOW UP in my business as me.

From attorney Brittany Ratelle, I learned that getting your small business legally legit doesn’t have to be overwhelming. And lawyers can be cool (no stodgy office or sky-high fees here!)

From Dr. Julie Hanks, I learned about the importance of partnership families in transforming your life — (and yourself!)

From Mrs. America 2020 Natalie Winslow, I learned that incredible things are possible, even despite adversity.

From sketch comedian, CEO and mom Natalie Madsen, I learned that finding the working-mom balance isn’t always about balance.

From gurus Allison Lew and Kassidi Henrie, I learned about the ins-and-outs of finding and maintaining mentor relationships.

From jetsetting CEO Kylie Chenn of Acanela Expeditions, I learned about the business-transforming power of email marketing.

And from friend and powerhouse mamapreneur Crystalee Beck of The Mama Ladder, I learned that you don’t have to subscribe to the typical corporate ladder — you can make your own.

What a lineup. What a weekend. What a conference.

For those who seek fulfillment and community, desire support and resources for collectively overcoming obstacles, Aspire Her provides the space (and at an immensely affordable cost!)

So, what do you aspire to?

The Aspire Her 2020 Conference is over. But don’t worry! You can still purchase a ticket and benefit from the replays of the virtual presentations from the ah-mazing speakers from the 2020 Aspire Her Conference.

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