Got Writer’s Block? Combat it With These 4 Strategies

I’ve talked (er…written) at length about writer’s block. It’s real. But it doesn’t have to paralyze your writing.

As a writer or creative, “creator’s block” can impact anyone. Very much like hitting a metaphysical brick wall, this block often feels like all great ideas or concepts are unreachable or nonexistent. If you are writing as a hobby, this can be quite frustrating. If you are writing as a career, it can be an absolute nightmare. So, let’s explore some of the best ways to tackle writer’s block head-on. 

Explore Nature

One of the best ways to deal with writer’s block is to GO OUTSIDE. Go on a journey into nature; walk through a forest, a garden, or even your own backyard. Many theories suggest that the origins of music comes from people listening to the sounds that exist in nature. Getting outside the usual four-walls of your office might help you come back to the writing desk with an entirely fresh perspective on a piece of work. Consider time outside as a way to spark the ~music~ of your creativity.

(And hey, the vitamin D boost is beneficial for your health! Win-win!)

Look At Your Competitors

But like, not in a paralyzing or imposter-syndrome-inducing way.

In a safe way, it can be worth reading the work of competitors or those who are appealing to a similar audience to you. If you are writing content, you can explore what’s out there. This can give you a better idea of the type of work that exists in your space, the perspectives already covered, and in what ways you might add something new. Don’t compare. (And don’t copy!)

Hit The Gym 

Breaking a sweat can be a good thing.

Time to think about working out as a way to trigger inspiration. Physical activity helps because it pushes blood around the body and pumps oxygen into the brain. It can provide a lot of clarity and help you solve the problems that are stopping you from writing the next page.

(Tip: having good work out gear from shops like Curves N Combatboots with you whether you are at the office or writing while on vacation helps make this easy!) That way you will immediately be able to hit the gym and work off some tension whenever you hit a block like this. 

Read Your Old Work 

Finally, it can be worth reading over some of your old work. Once you realize where you have been, it’s often far easier to see where you are going and how to move forward with your writing. You might even find a piece that you can rework or expand upon and deliver the fantastic results that your clients or employees demand from your writing. 

Blocks happen. But you can use them to inpsire new creativity and get back on track with all of your creative endeavors. Once you understand how to deal with writer’s block, you’ll know how to manage — and benefit from — future blocks.

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