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Kasee Bailey

Talking Shop with Mental Wellness Coach Victoria Janka

Guys. I cannot WAIT for you to meet Victoria. She was my friend in high school, my pen pal in college, and I love her. She is kind, beautiful, wise, and talented, and I am so inspired by the work that she does. In talking with her, I’ve learned more about her awe-inspiring journey, the purpose of discomfort in growth, and the vital importance of mental wellness to our overall

8 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block (That Are Actually Fun)

We’ve all been there. Sitting, staring at a blank screen, an annoyingly smug blinking cursor taunting you. The word’s just. aren’t. coming. That’s it. You’ve decided. You’ll never be a writer. You’re just stuck and you’ll always be stuck and you will never write another good story, another good paragraph, another good WORD as long as you live. Like I said, we’ve all been there. But I’m going to say

Jaryn McGrath Treasured Times

Talking Shop and Talking Traditions with Jaryn McGrath

Okay. I’m totally geeking out over here. Cue alllll the exclamation points because I’m excited!!!!! Like a-freezer-full-of-ice-cream-plus-a-three-day-weekend excited. Today’s Talking Shop post features Jaryn McGrath: mother, creator, and author of Treasured Times, a beautiful, inspiring, and magical book about creating timeless and meaningful memories with our families through seasonal traditions (and food!) Ever since I discovered her book, I knew I just HAD to chat with her on the blog.

Thursday Things

My house is a disaster right now. Don’t believe me? Yep. Usually, I tidy up the house twice a day, once a naptime and again at the end of the day. I just like to have some level of serenity while everyone’s alseep. Today? NOT. HAPPENING. I started my morning with one of my boys projectile vomiting on the rug, then followed that with an emergency bath and two loads

Outside the Lines

I’m learning an important lesson from my two-year-old twins. It started with a few boxes of half-broken Dollar Store crayons, the chunky kind with images of Mickey Mouse and Cars characters plastered on the wrappers. The ones that usually don’t make it past a week of use or get hopelessly and eternally lost in couch cushions and toy boxes. My boys always ask to “cowor” (color). They have an ever-growing

Talking Shop (and Talking Wordy) with Kim Christenson

I know, I know. I’ve been *out of office* for a hot a minute (read: birthing two more babies), but I am BACK BABY. Less showered and more sleep deprived, but alas. I AM HERE. And I am really, really, really excited to begin my return (let’s use comeback. Sounds waaaaayyy more epic.) with a new Talking Shop post. And this one is GOOD. Ever since I happened upon Kim

2018 Review and A (Late) Word on New Year’s Resolutions

It’s like raaaaa-eee–aaaaain on your wedding dayyyyy via GIPHY Isn’t it ironic? Yep, a little ironic (or not, ’cause we’ve all been concerned about Alanis’ misuse of the word in her classic for some time) but completely on brand that I’m just now bringing up new year goals as most of us (me included) have already guilt-riddenly ditched ours for a return to chocolate chip cookies and Netflix binging once

The Best Pop Culture Moments of 2018 & 2019 Preview

Y’all. This year. It has been a wild ride for (I’m assuming) all of us. As we approach the ringing in of another new year, I thought it would be fun to take a look back into the year’s most pop-iest pop culture moments–the best of tv, stars, movies, music, and the viral internet that we witnessed during the last 365. Here we goooooo: The Best of 2018: Ben Rector, Magic. This

December Jamz

Here she is: the Ultimate, Mega, Super-Cool Holiday music playlist straight from my Spotify to yours. Whether you’re binging Hallmark Christmas movies, baking up a storm, or outfitting your house with allllll the holiday decorations, this playlist contains the most perfectly festive background tunes. The Justin Beiber Christmas album, alone….I mean, c’mon. It really IS the most wonderful time of the year. via GIPHY >> Click here to listen to

Thursday Things: Fall Edition

Hello friends, family, and random internet passerby! Happy Thursday. Happy post-Halloween-candy hangover day. As I’m assuming (or, uhhh hoping) is the case with many of you, I joyfully ate candy all month long that was purchased for trick or treaters, but was enjoyed by me mostly. Riiiiiiiding that sugar high, baby. #ReesesPumpkins Let’s discuss all the thangs. And there are a lot of thangs. -First of all, it’s November! Whether