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One of Those Get-to-Know-You Things

Thought I’d share: me and the family in our great state of Texas. (And standing in the sight of our future home!) I’ve decided to give myself a little Q&A. Partly, so you can learn a little more about me. Two, so we can be BFFs, obvi. These questions are a haphazard mix I found from scouring the interwebs. Brace yourself. (And if you don’t mind, share a fun fact


Hi there! This is my little piece of internet property where we’ll talk writing, life, and of course, what we’re bingeing on Netflix. You know, the essential stuff. I check the mid-to-late twenties box, but still feel seventeen inside. Wasn’t I in high school yesterday? My day job(s) include writing articles for kick-butt companies and organizations, drafting dream novels, and wrangling toddler twins. My hobbies (for the free time I