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Naptime Reads

October Naptime Reads

Sooo funny story. I stepped outside on our back porch to take this quickie photo of my October book stack — the result bears evidence of dark storms clouds a-brewin’ and a photobomb from our lovely septic system. (Plus, my weirdly-shaped hand). Country livin’, y’all. Betcha wish I’d gotten a selfie with the scorpion that was IN OUR HOUSE last week. Yeah. But I digress. I got a few great

September Naptime Reads

My naptime reading was light this month, but I did get in two really great reads, recommended by both my mom and BFF. Those are, essentially, the most important of recommenders, so I immediately downloaded both books on my tablet and got my Regency romance on. Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson: It only took me about, oh, five whole seconds before I was sucked into this story and its swoon-worthy romance.

August Naptime Reads

Y’all. It’s been a wild month. We are in the midst of a big move to our new house, and things are just a little (okay, a LOT) crazy. So, this month’s roundup of Naptime Reads is short and sweet, as my time for sneaking a few moments with my e-reader had to be fit in between packing boxes, de-junking, and wrangling high-energy (and now one-nap-only) toddlers. But ain’t that

July Naptime Reads

I spent a lot of time reading this month, mostly to relax myself from what has proved to be a particularly trying month of parenting: breakfast-time vomits, poop-in-the-crib blowouts, an abundance of emergency baths, and plenty of tantrums. Naptime reading time was my saving grace. Here’s what was on my list this month: Lilac Girls by Martha May Kelley: You guys. This book wrecked me. I’m glad I read it

June Naptime Reads

So, I read (and nap and work and clean and cook) while my kids are sleeping. It’s really the only time I have, and I devour books any chance I get, so those are the moments I claim. Some prioritize showering or seeing the sun everyday — I stay in my cave of an apartment in a ratty Hogwarts t-shirt and read. To each her own. At the end of