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Talking Shop

Talking Shop and Snail Mail with Sara McNally

You know, Anne Shirley Cuthbert was really on to something when she mused on the realities of kindred spirits and bosom friends. Truly, in life, there are individuals with whom we feel connected — in a kind of beautiful, soul-connecting unison. Even virtually, Sara McNally, owner of letterpress stationery company Constellation & Co, feels to me like a dear kindred spirit. We both share a deep love for stationary, snail

Talking Shop and Papercrafting with Artist Kristen Sgalambro

Any fellow fangirls out there? What do you totally saaaa-wooooon over? I fangirl over LOTS of things: Decades-old boybands, the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie canon, reruns of Survivor, pop-culture-themed podcasts, etc. But talking with Kristen Sgalambro just might take the cake on my fangirl scale. The Brooklyn-based designer and paper artist exudes passion, creativity, and beyond-belief talent as she transforms paper into one-of-a-kind masterpieces. I am obsessed. Inspired by pop

Talking Shop with Artist Hayley Barry

You want to know the #1 thing I love about writing and journalism? Getting to interact with and learn from people infinitely more talented, creative, wise, kind, and awe-inspiring than me. Hayley Barry is far and away one of those individuals. The Utah-based artist behind Type Affiliated is dedicated not only to making unique, one-of-a-kind art, but preserving a beautiful craft. Her resume boasts a lengthy list of impressive work:

Talking Shop with Mental Wellness Coach Victoria Janka

Guys. I cannot WAIT for you to meet Victoria. She was my friend in high school, my pen pal in college, and I love her. She is kind, beautiful, wise, and talented, and I am so inspired by the work that she does. In talking with her, I’ve learned more about her awe-inspiring journey, the purpose of discomfort in growth, and the vital importance of mental wellness to our overall

Jaryn McGrath Treasured Times

Talking Shop and Talking Traditions with Jaryn McGrath

Okay. I’m totally geeking out over here. Cue alllll the exclamation points because I’m excited!!!!! Like a-freezer-full-of-ice-cream-plus-a-three-day-weekend excited. Today’s Talking Shop post features Jaryn McGrath: mother, creator, and author of Treasured Times, a beautiful, inspiring, and magical book about creating timeless and meaningful memories with our families through seasonal traditions (and food!) Ever since I discovered her book, I knew I just HAD to chat with her on the blog.

Talking Shop (and Talking Wordy) with Kim Christenson

I know, I know. I’ve been *out of office* for a hot a minute (read: birthing two more babies), but I am BACK BABY. Less showered and more sleep deprived, but alas. I AM HERE. And I am really, really, really excited to begin my return (let’s use comeback. Sounds waaaaayyy more epic.) with a new Talking Shop post. And this one is GOOD. Ever since I happened upon Kim

Talking Shop: Jenna Zielbauer

Okay, get ready. You’re about to meet the coolest mom boss ever. Jenna Zielbauer is the mom of two and founder of ROCKEASE, a company that offers an innovative solution for on-the-go parenting: a portable, budget-friendly, and space-conscious device that can turn any four-legged chair into a rocking chair. Need to nurse, soothe, or bond with your kids in an airport, restaurant, or hotel? Jenna’s got you covered. (Seriously, how

Talking Shop: Melissa Taylor

This week on Talking Shop, I’d like you to meet: Melissa Taylor! I met Melissa my freshman year at BYU, and we’ve been friends ever since. We bonded over Slenderman and Ellen scare videos, and got to work together on our senior capstone project together. She is incredibly talented, and inspires me in everything she does. She’ll inspire you, too! Here’s Melissa: How did your career in design get started?

Talking Shop: Amy Keim

This week’s Talking Shop features one of my BF4Ls. Amy and I were set up on a “blind friend date” in seventh grade and have been BFFs ever since. (Well, I probably annoy her, but she puts up with me.) We’ve been through so much together, and she has been such a solid presence in my life. Between church dances, Latin class, late-night orange chicken and It sleepovers, Red car

Talking Shop: Jill Hammer

New series alert! Today, I begin a recurring interview series featuring kick-butt creatives and otherwise awe-inspiring people. This week: one of my BFFs, Jill Hammer. Not only does she have an awesome job, but she’s been my go-to for cooking, game, and Park-ands-Rec-binge nights since I met her a few years ago. I love her! You will, too. Heeeeeeeere’s Jill: Describe your job in one sentence. I am and administrator