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Talking Shop

Talking Shop with Lea Redmond

One of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever received was from my best friend, Amy. For my birthday last year, she sent me a little book filled with sealed envelopes. “Letters to my Friend,” the cover read. Inside was prompted letters that Amy had answered, detailing her thoughtful memories, experiences, and reflections on our friendship. I cried reading every single one. On paper, she had beautifully crafted thoughts and words

Guest Post and Playlist: Songs for Sunsets with Matthew Frederickson

The best songs heighten moods. They validate your emotions and make them feel beautiful. They make mundane moments magical. There’s a thrill that comes with finding the right words to capture how a song interacts with your emotions or environment. I seek that thrill as often as I can. My name is Matthew. I write about music. Sunsets are a universally adored experience. We’ve all basked in their beauty. We

Talking Shop with Silent Book Club Founders Guinevere de la Mare and Laura Gluhanich

Okay, confession time: I live my life by bullet points and checkboxes. Anyone else a compulsive to-do lister? My planner never leaves my side, and on its heavily-worn pages are color-coded tasks, lengthy lists, and chicken-scratch notes. Like many of you, I often feel like I’m running on the endless hamster-wheel of life, fighting the business of day-to-day responsibilities, social obligations, caregiving, service efforts, and quotidian minutiae. It’s exhausting, AMIRIGHT?!

Talking Shop with Artist Matisse Hales

Let’s rewind for a minute. Remember Kristen? The papercrafter? The artist who does work that I’m obsessed with? Yeah. Well, she clued in on something profound in her Talking Shop feature. She said: I would say my main inspiration comes from other artists and seeing their work and dedication. As much as people hate on social media and our obsession with Instagram, I truly think it’s a very inspiring community

Talking Shop with Cuento Books Creator Stephany Pando

Helping your children learn Grandma Martha’s life story isn’t just helpful for those once-in-a-blue-moon family reunions. Nope. As it turns out, teaching your children about their relatives and helping them embrace their family narrative benefits their emotional well-being, provides them a sense of identity, and improves their achievement and resilience. This is just one of the major reasons why I loved talking with Stephany Pando for this week’s Talking Shop.

Talking Shop and Stitching with Thread Honey Owner Jenn Riggs

This ain’t your grandma’s cross-stitch. Forget the stitches of kitschy kitties or cheesy proverbs. Embroidery is having a modern, millennial-led renaissance, and at its forefront: Jenn Riggs, the owner of Thread Honey (and fellow 90’s child). Inspired by pop culture and with a passion for the handmade, Jenn’s work is the perfect marriage of new-age design and hand-stitched tradition. Her shop is full of eye-candy embroidery patterns, kits, and pieces

Talking Shop and Snail Mail with Sara McNally

You know, Anne Shirley Cuthbert was really on to something when she mused on the realities of kindred spirits and bosom friends. Truly, in life, there are individuals with whom we feel connected — in a kind of beautiful, soul-connecting unison. Even virtually, Sara McNally, owner of letterpress stationery company Constellation & Co, feels to me like a dear kindred spirit. We both share a deep love for stationary, snail

Talking Shop and Papercrafting with Artist Kristen Sgalambro

Any fellow fangirls out there? What do you totally saaaa-wooooon over? I fangirl over LOTS of things: Decades-old boybands, the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie canon, reruns of Survivor, pop-culture-themed podcasts, etc. But talking with Kristen Sgalambro just might take the cake on my fangirl scale. The Brooklyn-based designer and paper artist exudes passion, creativity, and beyond-belief talent as she transforms paper into one-of-a-kind masterpieces. I am obsessed. Inspired by pop

Talking Shop with Artist Hayley Barry

You want to know the #1 thing I love about writing and journalism? Getting to interact with and learn from people infinitely more talented, creative, wise, kind, and awe-inspiring than me. Hayley Barry is far and away one of those individuals. The Utah-based artist behind Type Affiliated is dedicated not only to making unique, one-of-a-kind art, but preserving a beautiful craft. Her resume boasts a lengthy list of impressive work:

Talking Shop with Mental Wellness Coach Victoria Janka

Guys. I cannot WAIT for you to meet Victoria. She was my friend in high school, my pen pal in college, and I love her. She is kind, beautiful, wise, and talented, and I am so inspired by the work that she does. In talking with her, I’ve learned more about her awe-inspiring journey, the purpose of discomfort in growth, and the vital importance of mental wellness to our overall