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Writer’s Corner

How to Get More Freelance Writing Jobs

I am an advocate for writing — anywhere and any way you can. Not only is taking pen to paper (or tickling those laptop ivories) good for our health (it’s true!), but it is an infinitely important skill that helps the world communicate. Whether your writing amounts to to-do lists on the back of napkins or old receipts, cathartic entries in personal journals, poems or stories you write in bursts

8 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block (That Are Actually Fun)

We’ve all been there. Sitting, staring at a blank screen, an annoyingly smug blinking cursor taunting you. The word’s just. aren’t. coming. That’s it. You’ve decided. You’ll never be a writer. You’re just stuck and you’ll always be stuck and you will never write another good story, another good paragraph, another good WORD as long as you live. Like I said, we’ve all been there. But I’m going to say

2018 Review and A (Late) Word on New Year’s Resolutions

It’s like raaaaa-eee–aaaaain on your wedding dayyyyy via GIPHY Isn’t it ironic? Yep, a little ironic (or not, ’cause we’ve all been concerned about Alanis’ misuse of the word in her classic for some time) but completely on brand that I’m just now bringing up new year goals as most of us (me included) have already guilt-riddenly ditched ours for a return to chocolate chip cookies and Netflix binging once

The Best Pop Culture Moments of 2018 & 2019 Preview

Y’all. This year. It has been a wild ride for (I’m assuming) all of us. As we approach the ringing in of another new year, I thought it would be fun to take a look back into the year’s most pop-iest pop culture moments–the best of tv, stars, movies, music, and the viral internet that we witnessed during the last 365. Here we goooooo: The Best of 2018: Ben Rector, Magic. This

Happy #BookLoversDay! 19 Perfect Gifts for Book Lovers

Happy #BookLoversDay! I intend to fully celebrate this glorious holiday. Book lovers are the best kind of people! We must celebrate one another. And with that, I present: a gifting guide for book lovers. I lovelovelove giving gifts. Like, it is seriously one of my favorite hobbies. I relish the chance to play Nancy Drew in discovering that perfect present for my friends and loved ones. I’ve decided to start

Celebrate! It’s #NationalTwinDay!

It’s a special day. Today, we celebrate the wonderfulness that is TWIN LIFE! Having twins (esp. as my first children) has been the hardest, and yet, most incredible experience. I never would have seen myself as a mom of twins, but I also know that I would never change it for anything. Twins are seriously THE best. Having twins was a complete and total shock. In fact, I was stockpiling

My Top Ten Tips for Writers

I’ve been writing since…well, since I could write. Since I was a filling composition books (plastered with stickers and magazines collages, no less) with entries on my elementary school crushes, best friends, and love for Harry Potter. I cringe reading them now, but truly, they were the foundation of my love for storytelling and the written word. I’ve never stopped writing. Now, while my writing consists of e-published tech articles