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Aaaaaand here’s some more great lines from WTFOCK, corrected with a little help from my Dutch friends! Kisses!

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2 reviews for WTFOCK 2

  1. Karin Hammon (verified owner)

    Don’t wonna use them cause they are so beautiful. Many thanks from Germany. And I got two pencils with iconic SKAM lines fro free: O Helga Natt and 5 fine frokner. ❤

  2. Jada-Kay (verified owner)

    I can’t tell you how much I LOVE these pencils honestly I don’t even want to use them because I love them too much!! They’re so much prettier in person omg!! And I also received two extra pencils with 2 OG SKAM iconic lines that were just so thoughtful! Thank you so much xxx

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