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2018 Review and A (Late) Word on New Year’s Resolutions

It’s like raaaaa-eee–aaaaain on your wedding dayyyyy via GIPHY Isn’t it ironic? Yep, a little ironic (or not, ’cause we’ve all been concerned about Alanis’ misuse of the word in her classic for some time) but completely on brand that I’m just now bringing up new year goals as most of us (me included) have already guilt-riddenly ditched ours for a return to chocolate chip cookies and Netflix binging once

Thursday Things: Fall Edition

Hello friends, family, and random internet passerby! Happy Thursday. Happy post-Halloween-candy hangover day. As I’m assuming (or, uhhh hoping) is the case with many of you, I joyfully ate candy all month long that was purchased for trick or treaters, but was enjoyed by me mostly. Riiiiiiiding that sugar high, baby. #ReesesPumpkins Let’s discuss all the thangs. And there are a lot of thangs. -First of all, it’s November! Whether

Thursday Things (and MAJOR Life Updates)

September 21, y’all. YOU KNOW IT. It’s been kind of a quiet week around here. …NOT. It has been crazy exciting madness and I can’t wait to tell you allll about it. So here we go. First of all, we MOVED! We are officially residents of Elgin, Texas, living on a beautiful 10-acre spot in the middle of (almost) nowhere. It’s the ranch, as my husband calls. I just laugh

Celebrate! It’s #NationalTwinDay!

It’s a special day. Today, we celebrate the wonderfulness that is TWIN LIFE! Having twins (esp. as my first children) has been the hardest, and yet, most incredible experience. I never would have seen myself as a mom of twins, but I also know that I would never change it for anything. Twins are seriously THE best. Having twins was a complete and total shock. In fact, I was stockpiling